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Bali Jewelry
The jewelry produced on the island of Bali is considered some of the finest handmade gold and silver jewelry in the world. Characterized by superb detail and intricate patterns carved into precious metals, Bali jewelry reflects the cultural heritage of the Balinese people, and a deep reverence for nature. This simple yet sophisticated jewelry is often accented with a variety of authentic gemstones from carnelian to tourmaline and aquamarine. Truly an awesome blend of exoticism, elegance, and quality. Using techniques developed over centuries; rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and other accessories are meticulously handcrafted in Celuk which has evolved into the center of the Balinese jewelry making industry. A trade started by only a handful of Pande (smith) clans, jewelry making has now become a thriving industry with just about every home doubling as a gold and silver production studio. The road from Batubulan to Celuk to Sukawati is alive with dozens of stunning galleries and shops brimful of lush silver and gold jewelry and other colorful Balinese handicrafts.I’ve always loved Bali jewelry and have collected several pieces over the years. I also utilize highly polished Bali silver beads and components in my own jewelry collection for Susan Dorling Designs. I find that even a couple of strategically placed Bali silver beads in a necklace or bracelet add immeasurable interest and drama. In a recent online shopping excursion, specifically designed to seek out the finest examples of this Balinese art form, I came across a couple of exraordinary websites featuring beautiful Bali jewelry. For anyone who loves Bali jewelry I recommend a visit to the following: Flat Earth Trading Company at Flat Earth Trading Company has a wonderful selection of products imported from Bali, including some fabulous jewelry ( I love the masks, too!). Here are a few of my favorite silver jewelry pieces:
Sterling 925 Sterling Silver Pendant This unique pendant features an authentic 2.75 carat Golden Beryl stone mined in Afghanistan.
925 Sterling Silver Bracelet This lovely bracelet complements the pendant above and features an 8.6 carat Golden Beryl stone mined in Afghanistan.
925 Sterling Silver Aquamarine RingWeighing in at a whopping 10 grams and featuring one of my favorite gemstones—aquamarine—this ring is a perfect example of the artistic mastery of the Balinese silversmiths.
925 Sterling Silver EarringsEach of these earrings feature a 2.85 carat tourmaline gemstone set into a gleaming oval of silver. Talk about making a dramatic statement!Novica at is a great source for all things beautiful! If you love art and especially handicrafts from around the world, Novica is a feast for the eyes and a shopping paradise. Novica is particularly significant as it is associated with National Geographic and does a great job of promoting and supporting more than 2,000 talented artisans from countries such as Andes, West Africa, Bali & Java, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Thailand. Novica explores its artist’s cultures and features a detailed bio so you understand the essence of the artist and his or her culture as you shop. And, with the recent launch of GiftAnimals, Novica is the largest resource for exquisite animal inspired gifts and handcrafted works of art for animal lovers. I’m still browsing but I’m sure there will be lots of animal-themed jewelry in this category, too! Watch for upcoming articles about animal jewelry and other Novica specialties!The Bali and Java offerings at Novica are absolutely wonderful and here are a few of my favs, some of which I have purchased and now awaiting delivery ( (I will feature my Bali collection in a future article.)):
Carnelian Ring “Eloquence by Agung Pribadi” Understated elegance in a contemporary ring that features the amazingly rich red carnelian gemstone. Known to inspire courage, action and eloquence, carnelian is the focus of this design by the engaging (read story below) Agung Pribadi. A .925 sterling silver frame gives emphasis to the carnelian gemstone’s bold beauty, uniting it with a sleek band. The original ring is meticulously hand-crafted and all .925 sterling silver. A must-have I’ve promised myself I’m going to get!
Stunning “Garden Party” Agate Earrings These stunning green earrings by Agung Pribadi hang about 2.5 inches and are reminiscent of nature and the lush quality of gardens in their deliberate form and vibrant green hue. Features rich green agate teardrops and gleaming .925 sterling silver.Taken as I was by Agung’s work, I read his story which served to illustrate the multi-talented artist he is and how Novica, the company, seeks to connect each work of art with its creator so visitors/shoppers understand and appreciate the essence of the work. Jewelry as wearable art and all art forms are quite simply about the artist expressing the very deepest part of themselves and ultimately sharing their joy and their passion, their very being, with other people. Novica offers a truly personal online shopping and browsing experience.

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